Colour Magic™

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From the makers of Math Magic™ and Math Magic 2™ comes a new challenge as a puzzle for a single player or game for two players. Colour Magic relies on your power of deduction to place your tiles on the board so they do not cover any of a designated color. The player who places the most tiles wins. Sounds simple? This game will challenge all who love games of logic and strategy. Magnetic pieces make it great for travel! Contains small parts, not suitable for children under the age of four.
Game contains: 14 magnetic game tiles, one gameboard with 7 each of 7 different colored circles.

1-Player Game
Choose one of seven colors, then try to place all 14 tiles (7 straight tiles and 7 right angled tiles) on the board so that only the chosen color (7 circles) are left uncovered. Remember, there are 49 circles on the board and each of the 14 tiles cover 3 circles, therefore covering 42 circles in all and leaving 7 uncovered - hopefully just your chosen color!

2-Player Game
The objective of the game is to place your tiles on the board so that they do not cover any of the designated color. The winner is the player who plays the most tiles.
  1. Each player chooses which tiles they will play with - either all straight or all right-angled, and place them next to the board.
  2. One of the 7 game board colors is chosen and agreed upon by both players. This is now the only color on the board that cannot be covered by the tiles during play.
  3. A coin is tossed to decide who plays first
  4. The first player then places one of his/her tiles so that it does not cover any of the designated colors.
  5. Play continues in turn, with each player placing a single tile on the board.
  6. If a player cannot play a tile, the other player continues until both players cannot play further
  7. The winner is the player who can play the most tiles without covering the chosen color. If both players have played the same number of tiles, it is a drawn game.

WARNING WARNING: Product Contains Small Parts. Not for Children under 3 yrs.

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