One Hundred Plus Multi Center

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100 Plus Multi-Center-This durable, multi-purpose numeracy resource combines 10 different square configurations plus an abacus/number blank into one piece of equipment. A great skill builder for basic operations to percents and more! Teacher notes included.

The versatility of the 100plus Multi-Center is unparalleled and saves valuable classroom time, helps enhance teacher/pupil interaction and eliminates the need to have numerous separate resources. This ingenious multipurpose numeracy resource amazingly combines seven different number squares, plus an abacus/number blank, into one unique piece of mathematical equipment. It is an ideal hands-on resource, useable from early primary to secondary students and will demonstrate many more number configurations than any other 100 square currently available. Changes from one color coded square to another in seconds. The blocks slide, rotate and lock, enabling you to conceal, reveal, split or group numbers instantly. Change configuration by sliding the end blocks behind facias, i.e. 0-99 or 1-100 or 0-119 or 1 to 120, etc.

Use for multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, number bonds, grouping, patterns, multiples, counting on 0 to 120, counting back 100 to minus 20, number prediction, proportions, less than, more than, equivalent and fractions. Dimensions: 9.33” x 31.77” x 34.06”.

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