Flip Over Math® Tour De Time

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Flip Over Math® Tour de Time includes a double-sided game board for two different games: Leaving for Vacation and Bike Challenge. The games can be used to practice and reinforce the longest or shortest amount of time to complete a task. The teacher or students should determine the skill to be practiced before game play starts. Leaving for Vacation builds the calculation of time in hours and half-hour periods. The winner of this game is the player with the longest vacation or the most 12-hour periods before reaching the end of the game board. Bike Challenge provides practice in calculating time in hour, half-hour and 5-minute intervals. Here players are taking the shortest amount of time to complete the challenge or the least number of 12-hour time periods. Includes clock with movable hands to assist in calculating time, pawns and die.
Ages: 7-10
Grades: 2-5
Players: 2-4

Educational Aim: Display and read various times on one's Flip-Card Board. Add a time amount to an existing time on Flip-Card Board, and therefore, determine ending time. Subtract time amount from an existing time on Flip-Card Board, and therefore, determine starting time. Recognize 12-hour time periods as a day's activities. Judge other students' answers as correct or incorrect. Work with adding/subtracting times in hours and half-hours or in hours, half-hours, fifteen-minutes, and five-minutes or less. Use a small clock to determine beginning and ending time. Read a Time Chart. Increase one's interaction skills in a competitive game situation.

Sales Attributes: Features two game boards and different difficulty levels. Two games for each board: one with beginning time, one with ending time. Challenging level of play for 2nd grade and older. Game experience for 2-4 children. Easy to use number Flip-Card Board.

Product/Package Contents Include: 4 Flip-Card Boards, two-sided game board, die, four different colored markers, time chart, clock, instructional guide, and additional activities.

WARNING WARNING: Product Contains Small Parts. Not for Children under 3 yrs.

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