Flip Over Math® Riding The Word Problem Train Into History

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This game features problems involving higher level thinking skills other than computation. Actual historical people, events and facts are the characters and settings in each scenario to be solved. Skills include single and multi-step problems, estimation, extra information and logic.
Ages: 8-11
Grades: 3-5
Players: 2-4

Educational Aim: Understand the key words in solving a word problem. Determine the correct operation in solving a word problem. Recognize the number of steps needed to solve a word problem. Practice rounding numbers to different place value positions. Estimate numbers to obtain an approximate word problem answer. Identify extra information not needed in a word problem. Use reasoning by drawing pictures, diagrams, and/or using paper and pencil to determine word problem answers. Recognize the value of whole numbers and decimals. Line up the decimal points of numbers in a word problem in order to add or subtract the numbers correctly. The object of the game is to collect the most points by correctly answering history/geography and math questions. The student who returns to the train station with the most points wins.

Sales Attributes: Features 4 levels of card difficulty. Card concepts include: 1-step word problems, multiple-step word problems, estimation word problems, extra information word problems, and logic/higher level thinking word problems. Experience in answering question cards dealing with world history and geography. Whole and decimal number practice. Easy to use Flip-Card Boards. Extension activities and stories.

Product/Package Contents Include: 4 Flip-Card Boards; 4 sets of game cards; Riding the Word Problem Train into History game board with spinner; 1 die, 4 playing pieces, instructional guide with extension activities and stories.

WARNING WARNING: Product Contains Small Parts. Not for Children under 3 yrs.

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